Field Locations

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65 Ripley Hill Road
United States06063
Junior Field
Lower Field
Upper Field
452 Smith Hill
United States06098
Colebrook School - Junior
Colebrook School - Lower
Colebrook School - Upper
67 Hartland Boulvard
East Hartland,Connecticut
United States06027
Hartland Field - Junior
Hartland Field - Lower
Hartland Field - Upper
New Hartford
812 Steele Road
New Hartford,Connecticut
United States06057
Notes:Brown's Corner 812 Steele Road, New Hartford, CT From Route 44 Winsted take right onto 219 and follow all the way to light. Take a left at the light onto Route 202 and head east and take fourth left onto Steele Road and then right into Browns Corner parking lot.
Brown's Corner 1/2
Brown's Corner 3/4
Brown's Corner 5/6
Notes:Soccer Fields: Soccer field(s) are located down the hill to the right of the parking area.
Brown's Corner K
New Hartford - Brown's Corner
812 Steele Road
New Hartford,Connecticut
United States06057
New Hartford Upper - Brown's Corner
128 Greenwoods Rd. East
United States06058
Botelle School Junior Field
Botelle School Lower Field
Botelle School Upper Field
1 Willow Street
United States06098
Notes:New field for Junior by the Tennis courts on Walker Field Walker Field - Willow Street - Winsted, CT
Winsted Left
Winsted Right