NCTRSL Schedule is Public and Live!

UpdatedThursday September 5, 2019 byManager NCTRSL.

We made some changes and corrections to the schedules that were found as the towns reviewed them today.  As of now, the schedules are live and public.    Any changes we make going forward... we will notify the teams through the site.   
As most of you know, we experienced a major website outage this past week with SI Play.
The website had issues from 8/27 -8/31 we know there are some families that registered during that time who are not currently in the website through no fault of their own.  The company SI Play folks attempted to restore the data today and they did not succeed. They have confirmed that anyone who paid online during the outage, the payment did go through. Their plan is to send the families who registered between 8/27 and 8/31 an email with instructions to re-register tomorrow. The email should include a code to link the new registration attempt to the payments that were made.
Unfortunately, we can not currently have access who the families are who registered during the outage. We have tried to reach out to all the families that we are aware of with information about their teams, first practices and opening day. We know we have not gotten to everyone. Please help us to spread the information and to tell everyone to be on the lookout for the re-registration email tomorrow from SI Play. The sooner we can get folks back in the sooner we can link them with their teams and coaches.
We apologize for all the craziness this has caused and we assure the new families that the season does not normally start with this level of crazy!
Thanks you to everyone for your patience as we try to get the ship back on course.